Hamster Kombat: Daily Cipher Code June 24 (NEW)

Are you Looking for a daily cipher code to earn extra tokens? If yes, we have the Hamster Kombat daily cipher code of today for you here for free.

Using the daily cipher in the Hamster Kombat game can unlock your cipher which gives you extra tokens in your account, this crypto game is getting popular just like Steller Blade but in just the crypto world.

Daily Cipher Code (June 24):

Today’s Hamster Kombat code is SWAP.

Today enter this code in the game, you need to use a combination of short and long taps on the Hamster. Here down below is the guide to enter today’s code.

S: ● ● ●
W: ● ▬ ▬
A: ● ▬
P: ● ▬ ▬ ●

Tap sequence order: ● ● ● ● ▬ ▬ ● ▬ ● ▬ ▬ ●

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