Master Pirate Codes (June 2023)

Roblox’s Master Pirate is the game based on one of the most action-adventure anime series called “One Piece”, In this game you play as a pirate who is hunting for treasure and you will find some of the evil fruits that give you extraordinary abilities that you can fight against the enemy. Here we shared some active Master Pirate codes that you can use to get free items that will help you to Master Pirate game.

Roblox Master Pirate is an action-packed role-playing game created by Sinon Studio that immerses players in the thrilling world of One Piece, a beloved anime and manga series. With a character of your own creation, you’ll embark on an exciting adventure to survive and thrive amidst this fantastical world of swashbuckling pirates and mythical creatures.

As you journey through various islands, you’ll encounter powerful Devil Fruits that can be used to enhance your abilities, making you an even stronger pirate. With each level up, you’ll gain access to new and exciting features, culminating in the ultimate goal of becoming the most legendary pirate to sail the seas of One Piece.

Active Master Pirate Codes

Are you searching for a full list of active Master Pirate codes? Look no further, as we’ve got you covered! These codes give you free revives and knobs, and who doesn’t love free gifts? So, without further ado, here’s a complete list of all the active Master Pirate codes:

KINGNONKD+$2000, +1 Ruby
xdggjai+1 Exp, +$1, +1 Ruby, 1 hour (X2Money, X2Drop, X2Exp)
BigRemake120 mins (X2Money)
3MVisit+3 Ruby
16kFavorites16 mins (X2Money, X2Drop, X2Exp)
IceBarBer+5 Ruby
AekZaJunior29 mins (X2Exp)
SkyHeart+5 Ruby
Rohanny+9 Ruby
YOUNOReset Stats
Dinoz_ChReset Stats
NomJeutReset Stats

Expired Master Pirate Codes

In case you’re feeling lucky and want to test out some expired Master Pirate codes to see if they’re still redeemable, we have the complete list available for you of Master Pirate Codes.

However, it’s important to note that the chances of working expired Master Pirate Codes are not too high, so don’t get your hopes up too high. But, if you’re already entering the active Master Pirate codes listed above, there’s no harm in giving the expired ones a try.

SOCOLDSNOWX30 mins of boost
ChristmasUPDX rewards
FREEX2EXPFIX530 mins of 2X EXP
IceBarBerX5 Rubies
ZeCraftDayX2 Rubies
Dinoz_ChReset stats
MONOACKReset stats
KINGNONKD$2K Beli, X1 Ruby
xdggjai+1 Level, +1 Exp, +$1, +1 Ruby, X1 hour (2X Money…)
BigUPDX2 hours of 2X EXP
2kLike$200 Beli
Xou$1 & 30 Minutes (2X Money)
NOOPERReset Stats
MAOKUMA$100 Beli & 20 Minutes (2X Money)
PeaKer_Gamer$10,000 Beli
SEA_FOUR20 Minutes (2X Drop)
EZCRY30 Minutes (2X Money)

How To Redeem Master Pirate Codes

  • Open “Roblox Master Pirate” and Click on the “Menu”.
  • Click on the “Enter Code” Button, Paste the code and Press Enter Key.
Roblox Master Pirate Codes
Credit: BlindAim

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