Star Wars Upcoming Games: What You Need to Know

Star Wars is one of the biggest franchise names, they have merchandise, toys, and of course video games, looking like they are popular more than the Arkham series, now. We know that Electronic Arts (EA) company known for the FIFA Series, held the Star Wars video games exclusivity deal and it’s over.

Last year, at the end of EA’s exclusivity deal, EA published with Developer’s Respawn Entertainment giving us one of the best Star Wars games ever, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which gained a lot of praise from fans and also a reviewer. So if you thinking about the upcoming Star Wars game, stop that and check out this, Here is the overview of Every Upcoming Star Wars Game.

Star Wars Outlaws

Release date: August 30, 2024
Platform(s): PC, PS5, Xbox Series X

The Most Anticipated Video game is Star Wars Outlaws, which is currently set for release in 2024, this game is in development at Massive Entertainment (Ubisoft’s subsidiary) which is responsible for both Tom Clancy’s The Division games and the Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

Story: The Star Wars Outlaws story takes place during the period between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Star Wars Hunters

Release date: TBC 2024
Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS

This game was announced in early 2021 and expected to release in the same year but later it was pushed to 2022, then 2023, and now it’s to 2024, So after that still there has not been any official confirmation from the developer and publisher on release date.

About the Game: Star Wars Hunter is a multiplayer team-based game, it is an arena fighter game.

Star Wars Eclipse

Release date: TBC
Platform(s): TBC

Star Wars Eclipse cinematic trailer reveal at TGA (The Game Awards) 2021, this game is set in the High Republic era of the iconic Star Wars galaxy, a new Star Wars action-adventure game with multiple character narrative being in early development by Quantic Dream, which studio known for best its best interactive driven story game for example – Detroit: Become Human.

Expectation: Still, this game will take more than a year, here we only have a cinematic trailer, not any official gameplay trailer and release date. So based on the studio and the official details that were released about the game, we can expect that this game will follow multiple character stories that will be connected to the ending, and might be possible there will be multiple endings based on the player choices just like Detroit: Become Human. So till now, we can just wait to see where it goes.

Untitled Star Wars Strategy Game

Release date: TBC
Platform(s): TBC

Very few details have been revealed about this project, so the release date is still far far a galaxy away, from this universe. Even though we don’t have any trailer or teaser, So here is what we know about this game – it will be a First Person Shooter, strategy-based game, and it is currently in development through a “production collaboration” with “Bit Reactor” Studio, where Respawn is producing the project and Bit Reactor doing development staff.

Expectation: So What we can expect from this project based on the development studio of this game “Bit Reactor” past project, according to their website’s about page “We collectively developed some of the most successful games you’ve heard of, such as XCOM, Civilization, Gears of War, and Elders Scrolls Online.”

So, after knowing that, My hopes are high with this game.

Knights of the Old Republic Remake

Release date: TBC
Platform(s): PS5, PC

Knights of the Old Republic is a remake of the same name 2003 RPG – Award Winning game, you can check out the KOTOR 2003 game it is available for almost every device from Windows To Android. This Star Wars KOTOR remake is coming from Aspyr (Which is previously also worked on many Star Wars games) and Lucasfilm game. The original game was developed by Biowave and became one of the most popular RPG games ever, in 2005 sequel was released, but the third part never came. So this is hope for KOTOR fans.

Expectation: You already know.

Amy Hennig’s Star Wars Game

Yes, another untitled Star Wars game is also in the works with Skydance New Media with Lucasfilm game. The writer and director are Amy Henning who previously worked in the Uncharted series, but also she is “Story concept” in Forspoken 2023 game, of course, how can we forget that game, because of “The Uncharted series where she is the Creative Director and write”. I also have very high hopes for this game.

Expectation: This new Amy Henning’s Star Wars game is described as a narrative-driven action-adventure. still, not many details revealed about this project, we can just wait to reveal the trailer or teaser.

Star Wars FPS

this Star Wars FPS game information was first revealed when a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was in the work, Respawn Entertainment has two Star Wars projects in the work, the first one is “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor” released in 2023, and Second, this “untitled Star Wars FPS” game. EA’s Press release revealed very little information about this title, “Peter Hirschmann” is the Director for this title. In this project companies involved are Respawn Entertainment, best known for their work on Aplex Legends, Electronic Arts which previously worked on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and Lucasfilm game.

Third Star Wars Jedi

The third game in the Star Wars Jedi Series, continuing the story of “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor”, as a hit series, anything won’t stop making this game. still, there isn’t any official confirmation from Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Art, but Video Games Chronicle (VGC) Reported, “Cal Kestis actor Cameron Monaghan has said that he is currently working on a third Star Wars Jedi game”. For now, we can just wait for official confirmation and trailer reveal.

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