Alan Wake 2: Gift Shop Safe Code

Alan Wake 2 has lots of puzzles like ShotGun Code, Computer Administrator Password, etc and one of the puzzles is Gift Shop Safe Code in Coffe World. Here is the full guide to unlocking that gift shop safe code, it is a little bit hard to decode it because nobody is nearby to help you so, you have to unlock that gift shop safe yourself.

Find Gift Shop Safe Code?

Alan Wake 2 - Gift Shop Safe Code (paper)
Credit: Remedy

If you’re not interested in finding out the Gift Shop Safe Code, you can just scroll down to the end of the post to see the safe code. Here are our full instructions below to find out the Gift Shop Safe code.

There is a hint related to the safe code from the paper on top of the safe. The hint: “Tracker, Lookout, Cleaner.”

Alan Wake 2 - Gift Shop Staff Board
Credit: Remedy

if you investigate the Gift Shop, you’ll find the staff board, here is the connection – “Tracker = The Lost and Found. Lookout = Security, and Cleaner = Janitor”

So, if you follow this pattern as the number pad on the safe, The Gift Shop Safe code is Lost and Found, Security, and Janitor which means 146.

Gift Shop Safe Code?

The Gift Shop Safe code is “146”.

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